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Get behind the wheel of our specially prepared drift cars with 10 laps and a drift instructor to take you through the basics – plus a 2-lap joy ride alongside a professional drift driver.

Ever wondered how stunt drivers achieve that sideways action in the movies? Not only will you find out, but we’ll teach you the basic skills needed to execute a drift. Learn to drift safely and effectively with help from our experienced coaches.

Our expert instructors are masters of their craft, with years of experience on the pro drifting circuit and a passion for sharing the art of drifting. Once you get behind the wheel, our instructor will take you through 10 drifting attempts with hands-on coaching to help hone your technique.

Get hands-on experience inside a real drift car and experience what it’s like to be in control. Our customised fleet of drift-ready vehicles have all the modifications necessary for high-performance drifting.

And the excitement doesn’t stop when your drift coaching ends. Afterwards, hop in the passenger seat for two heart-pounding hot laps! See how the pros do it with high speed, smoky, maximum angle drifting in a high-powered turbo or V8 drift car.

Looking to purchase a gift voucher? The Drift Xpress course makes a killer gift for motorsports enthusiasts or that special someone who’s always looking for adventure.

Drift School WA offers Perth’s most authentic motorsports experience, practising techniques that will also level up your abilities as a driver.



What do I need to bring?

About Drifting

Drifting involves intentionally spinning the car sideways through corners, deliberately oversteering to overcome the traction of the tyres – achieving the signature slide or ‘drift state.’

With its roots in Japanese street culture, drifting was popularised through big-screen movies and internet footage of pro and amateur drifters. Taking off internationally since the 90s, drifting was quickly established as the hottest thing in motorsports. 

Enthusiasts embrace drifting as one of the most thrilling experiences you can have behind the wheel, pushing both vehicle and driver to their limits. 

Drifting is exhilarating to watch, but that’s nothing compared to the experience behind the wheel of a drift car. After the first taste of action, many people find drifting addictive – a big reason we developed our full selection of courses, for those who just can’t get enough.

About our vehicles

Our dedicated fleet of drift cars are set up and tuned specifically for drifting. Having customised our own vehicles for competitive drifting, we understand exactly what’s required for safe, effective drifting, setting our guests up for drifting success. 

At Drift School WA, we can promise you aren’t getting a ‘training wheels’ experience – all of our vehicles offer full power and drifting performance, delivering Perth’s most authentic motorsports experience.

True to the spirit of Japanese drifting, we focus on the modifications that allow for the greatest drifting performance, not just flashy appearances. Our drift cars have it all going on under the hood, ensuring you get plenty of thrills. 

At a minimum, all of our drift cars are equipped with:

About our Instructors

At Drift School WA, our hand-picked instructors live and breathe the Japanese art of drifting. Our staff have been involved in both local and international competitive drifting – so when you join us on the track for Drift Xcelerate, you know you’re getting the real deal.

Never fear, Drift School’s pro drivers are experts in technique, control and precision on the track, ensuring you’re in safe hands from beginning to end.

As masters of their craft, our instructors are able to effectively coach both novice and long-term drifting enthusiasts. Drift School WA caters to all experience levels, from beginner skills such as handbrake turns to advanced techniques required for reverse entries and tandem competition battling.


Where is Drift
School WA located?

Drift School WA operates from Wanneroo Raceway, Neerabup.

The ultimate drifting
experience in wa

Discover the art of driving sideways originating from Japan here in Western Australia!

Based in Perth, at WANNEROO RACEWAY since January 2016

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