drift xcelerate

Recently, we held a Drift Xcelerate (BYO drift car) session on Anzac Day, from 9am to 11am we allowed some students to bring their own drift car for some quality coaching with our professional instructors, tackling a very technical and challenging course. It’s always great to have a large open (preferably wet) area when you are learning drifting for the first few times, however, with a little more experience under your belt, it’s much more beneficial to tackle something beyond your capability.

In this case, our students had a taste of a high speed 3rd gear entry into a right-hand gradient corner, picking up speed and washing it all off into a double hairpin. The goal of the entry is to come in as quick as possible on the straight, feint to the left and snap your car right into massive angle, this alone requires plenty of practice (and overcoming fear!). The next step is to hold a smooth outer line dropping to a lower gear to keep the car moving forward, then transitioning into a much slower section, this is managed by lowering the speeds using angle on the transition, brakes and handbrake. A new challenge emerges at this point, being a much slower section, students would need to understand how to keep the car on the power band by managing a ideal line, and matching engine revolutions to not stall.

Being able to string together a lap utilising the correct techniques saw customers punching the air in excitement as it became obvious how rewarding it can be to completely understand their previous flaws and overcoming them with success, pushing themselves beyond what they thought was capable. There is a lot more to learn in drifting than most people (even actual drifters) think!

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