Helmets are provided, but customers can bring their own ADR approved helmet if they wish. We request all participants wear long sleeves, long pants and closed-in shoes.

We do not provide video or photography as part of our programs. Customers are welcome to take their own videos or photos, taking responsibility for their own equipment.

You can, but it is extremely difficult compared to a rear wheel drive. The vehicle will not perform anywhere near the same as a rear wheel drive, which is why all our drift vehicles are specially selected for true drifting performance.

Most definitely! Drift School is great fun for anyone who’s even a little bit curious, as well as anyone looking for a thrilling, out-of-the-ordinary experience (much like a rollercoaster ride, skydiving or hot air ballooning).

We are not an official defensive driving course. However, understanding the mechanics of drifting and how a car behaves when out of control is a useful skill to have. As a driver, this leaves you better equipped to stay calm in an emergency scenario and react effectively.

Venue & Facilities

Every Drift School WA session runs out of Barbagallo Raceway / Wanneroo Raceway in Wanneroo, WA. Specifically, our sessions are held on the infield tarmac – see this venue map for details.

Water and biscuits are provided for our Drift Xtreme course, and there is normally a canteen open at Barbagallo Raceway for food and drink purchases.
You’re welcome to bring your own food and drink, though alcohol is not permitted. If you have specific dietary or medical needs, we recommend bringing your own food or snacks.

No, smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the venue.

No, pets are not permitted on the racetrack grounds.

Yes, there is plenty of parking on the racetrack grounds – see venue map for details.


As we conduct our course away from public roads, there are no licence requirements for Drift School WA. Our Drift Xperience hot laps involve riding as a passenger, so they’re suitable for anyone over 12 years of age, with no driving ability needed.


However, for our driving courses, you absolutely do need to know how to drive a manual vehicle with 100% competency. If a participant can’t safely handle manual transmission, the experience will be forfeited. This is for the safety of all our participants and instructors!

Yes, you MUST be 100% confident and competent at operating and driving a manual vehicle.

If you are able to comfortably fit into a regular passenger vehicle then you will be fine to drive our drift cars.

Participants must be 12 years or over for Drift Xperience hot laps, and 16 or over for our driving courses.

Absolutely not! We cater for all skill levels. The majority of our students have no motorsports, racing or drifting experience.

On The Day

For safety reasons, we request that you wear enclosed shoes (no sandals, thongs or heels), long sleeves and long pants.

Yes, we offer free viewing from above the track! Feel free to bring spectators, photographers or videographers to capture your experience. Bring your own shade and chairs if required, particularly in hot weather.

15 minutes before the session is ample time to sign on and be ready for your experience.

When you arrive for your session, you will sign on (including a waiver) and wait for your turn. Your number will be called out and you’ll attend a briefing. Shortly after this, you’ll get to enjoy your experience!

Unless it’s an emergency, we adhere to a first come first serve basis when allocating numbers. We find most participants really enjoy the atmosphere and watching others have their shot on the track, so you won’t be bored.

You can prebook extra laps under ‘extras’ when booking. You may be able to purchase extra laps on the day if there is enough time, but booking ahead is the safest bet if you’d like to add a little more to your experience.

Yes.  If you upload any of your content to social media please tag us.

Our Drift Cars

Our drift cars are popular Nissan chassis such as Silvia, Skyline, 180SX and 350Z. All of these vehicles are typical on the drifting scene and our entire fleet are modified for true drifting performance.

Unfortunately not – cars are allocated to participants to adhere to a time schedule and ensure everyone gets their full experience. Special requests may be granted during the session at staff’s discretion.

If you’re looking to gain drifting experience in a specific vehicle, you can make a request for our one-on-one Drift Xpert training.

Only on specific programs. Drift Xcelerate and Drift Xpert courses both allow you to bring your own drift vehicle. However, you will need to ensure it’s capable of drifting safely and adheres to our safety requirements – see the course pages for more information.

Our Drift Track

We conduct Drift School on the infield tarmac at Wanneroo Raceway. We set up each course with traffic cones – the specific layout will depend on which program you select, from beginner through to expert.

There are many steps involved in learning how to drift. Practising these steps in the wet allows you to understand all the fundamentals, giving you time between the steps to learn what you did right/wrong on each attempt. The dry is a more unforgiving environment and gives you less time to practise each step.

Drifting is a dangerous activity and, as a beginner, learning how to drift at speeds over 100km/h is certainly not recommended! At Drift School WA, we focus on technique over speed and promise you’ll still have a great time doing it.


Bookings are exclusively available online through our website. We’re unable to take bookings via phone or email, but if you’re having technical issues with the online booking system, please do contact us.

You will receive an order confirmation to your nominated email address, as well as email reminders leading up to the session date. Please be sure to check your junk mail too!

Please advise at least 14 days prior to the scheduled date. If a change of date is required within the 14 days of the scheduled date this will incur a $50 fee or forfeit of your session.

No, all bookings must be paid in full via the website at the time of booking.

You can prebook extra laps under ‘extras’ when booking. You may be able to purchase extra laps on the day if there is enough time, but booking ahead is the safest bet if you’d like to add a little more to your experience.

Gift Cards

Yes, gift cards are available to purchase on our website. We have gift cards available for each course as well as dollar value gift cards, allowing the recipient to choose and book their own program. To buy a gift card, click ‘book now’ under any experience or go to our gift card page.

Gift cards are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase.

Booking Change / Cancellation

A little bit of rain isn’t going to keep us off the track! Drift School WA will always go ahead regardless of weather – unless it is a dangerous storm, hail or bushfire alert. If any of those circumstances do occur, we’ll be in touch to reschedule.

Please notify us as early as possible to change or transfer a booking. We’ll need to know ahead of time!

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible if you need to reschedule your course. Date changes within 14 days of the session date require a $50 fee.

Please notify us as early as possible to avoid a date change fee ($50 within 14 days of the session). If uncertain, we can book your session up to 4 months in advance or transfer your experience to a gift card for use during the next 3 years.

No, we’re unable to offer refunds once a booking is made. However, if you’re faced with unforeseen circumstances, we can transfer your booking to another date, another person or convert it into a gift card.

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